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Integrated Recruiting

The true power of integrated technology is revealed in our latest white paper - Integrated Recruiting: A New Era in Recruitment 💡

Our research uncovers the truth about the benefits of time-saving tech.


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Integrated Recruiting: A New Era in Recruitment’ 💡

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been busy talking to recruitment leaders like you about the tech they use and the impact it has on business performance. Some of the findings shocked us!

Can you guess what % of companies said their systems were fully integrated?

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What's Inside?

  • Which tech leaders use to propel their businesses forward
  • The real extent of integration in their systems – and where the gaps are
  • The impact these integrations are having on business performance.

The insight will level up your recruitment game. You’ll get… 

  • A thorough understanding of integrated recruiting
  • Smart tactics to evaluate integration quality
  • Insight into how technology impacts business success.

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Integrated Recruiting Blogs and Insights


The power of personalisation: Tailoring your application process

Imagine a job application process that’s tailored to the individual needs and preferences of your applicants. This is the power of personalisation, a game-changer for your recruitment process.…

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The importance of data quality in effective candidate engagement

Imagine a world where you can accurately predict the success of your candidate engagement strategy, tailor personalised communication that boosts your brand reputation and response rates, and significantly improve your overall performance...

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The role of analytics in candidate attraction

It’s critical you understand where your recruitment process is working well - and what needs refining to effectively source, access and select candidates. If you can measure each part of your recruitment approach, you can maximise it...

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Issue #4


This month our guest editor is Richard Boswell sharing all things Gen Z in the workplace and what we can expect for 2024! 🤩

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Issue #3


This month our guest editor is Jen Parker sharing insights about the future of employment, and how specific groups are influencing that! 📊

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Issue #2


This month our guest editor is Hazel Walker sharing insights with a focus on the current market and how it affects the recruitment space we love so much! 🧬

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