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Bullhorn Integration

Working with Bullhorn

Create a constant pipeline of fresh talent, delivered directly into Bullhorn with our job multi-posting service.

idibu posts your jobs across the net in minutes attracting candidates from job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We hit thousands job boards as well as all major aggregators.

Why idibu and Bullhorn?

Easily track, assess and manage all applicants easily with the idibu Bullhorn integration.

Our rich candidate profiles give you a detailed overview of skills and suitability so you make better decisions faster.

Review the candidates original CV inside Bullhorn with no need to download! Our social media footprints give you with a direct link to candidates’ pages and provide a well-rounded view of their interests and motivations.

Once reviewed, our easy to use traffic light filter means you can progress people back into your Bullhorn account in minutes.

Our advanced auto-responders mean we take the strain of communicating with candidates during the first stages of the application and keeping them fully in the loop.

  • Manage all candidates all in one place
  • Traffic light filter to progress or reject keeps your database filled with the best applicants
  • Rich candidate profiles and original CV viewer
  • Better layout of info = faster shortlisting
  • Direct link to social media
  • Advanced auto-responders keep candidates up to date so that you don’t have to