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If you’re already a Bullhorn user, you’re probably a fan of its many features. But what if we told you the idibu integration will take things to the next level?

Linking seamlessly, the two platforms will instantly boost your candidate attraction. From one simple login you’ll access top talent from job boards, social media and key aggregators.

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  • Hassle-free set up
  • Top talent straight to your CRM
  • Custom reports to help you improve

Why idibu and Bullhorn?

Streamline your recruitment

Want all your recruitment activity in one place? You’ve got it. Streamline everything - from job posts and applications through to shortlisting and candidate management. The idibu x Bullhorn integration has it all.

Custom landing pages

Improve your application process with attractive landing pages for your job ads. As well as standard text and image fields, there are options to include video, so you can really bring your business to life.

Measure & maximise ROI

Do you know which online attraction channels are working best for you? With over 16 reports providing activity breakdowns and detailed feedback on your recruitment activity, you’ll never need to rely on guesswork or gut feel again!


Save time, boost efficiency

Your recruitment process has never been more slick! Slash time spent on job posting, application reviewing, candidate management and more. Because everything’s in one place you can multi-post your jobs, view original CVs and candidate profiles, as well as their social media profiles, all from within Bullhorn. And don’t forget our handy traffic light system which lets you shortlist candidates faster than ever before.

Improve your application process

Enhance your candidate experience and encourage more applications with the idibu x Bullhorn integration. Impress applicants with a whole host of workflows and auto-responses, whilst built in landing pages for your job ads (that include video) will really help you stand out. Best of all, candidates can apply directly through your page and all data captured is fed straight back into Bullhorn.

Make informed business decisions

Keep track of your online recruitment activity and ROI with our advanced reporting suite. Capturing and analysing data for upping your game has never been easier with the idibu x Bullhorn integration. Using the latest web hook technology, idibu sends your data direct to your system, and reports straight to your inbox. Set up custom preferences and automation with just a few simple clicks.

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