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About IntaPeople

IntaPeople is a specialist, relationships-first recruitment consultancy providing best-in-class talent solutions within the STEM sectors.


The Challenge

IntaPeople were ahead of the curve in that they had already implemented a job multi-posting solution alongside their CRM (RDB ProNet). However, the solution was poorly integrated meaning they still had to spend up to 3 hours a day manually processing job applications and adding CVs to the RDB.

Indeed, it had got to the point where IntaPeople were forced to bring in extra resource just to manage the administration of CV processing so their recruitment consultants could focus on their core role. This was neither a cost-effective nor sustainable long-term solution.


  • Feature-rich multi-posting solution providing reliable RDB integration
  • Seamless management and flow of applicant data into their CRM
  • High level customer service and technical support to ensure a smooth transition.

Exceeding Expectations

With some experience of job multi-posting solutions, IntaPeople were aware of what the market had to offer. However, they were surprised to see how seamlessly the Idibu platform could integrate with their RDB. They quickly realised the extent to which their hiring process could be accelerated using a platform that already stood out across functionality, ease of use, technical support, and cost.

With outstanding customer service a further prerequisite, Rob Samuel, IT Manager at IntaPeople said: “idibu were very accommodating and showed a great level of openness when discussing how we could work together. They were willing to listen to our requirements and feedback from other solutions which gave us confidence that we would have a great working relationship”.

Since implementing the Idibu solution, IntaPeople are now automating job posting to multiple boards and easily managing applicant data back into the CRM. Features such as auto responders allow candidates to be kept up to date with their application process and are adding further value.

On top of this, the Apsearch function allows faster sourcing of candidates from multiple online CV databases, providing easy to manage shortlists and quick imports back to the CRM.

This slashing of administrative tasks has meant IntaPeople’s consultants are now able to concentrate on their key objectives. As resource no longer needs to be pulled from other parts of the business, IntaPeople have made significant savings in both costs and time.

Rob Samuel says: “What used to take hours per day now takes less than 10 minutes across the whole team to process our incoming job applications. It doesn’t matter whether we receive 200 applications a day or 900, the process remains the same.”

Rob adds: “The whole team find idibu easy to use and it makes a big difference to their day. The customer service and technical support has been exceptional. We see Idibu as a crucial solution to support us as we continue to grow.”

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