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Shazamme & idibu are on the same page.


You probably don’t need yet another reason to make idibu your go-to recruitment platform. But here’s a great one, anyway: we’ve partnered with Shazamme. This will make attracting candidates easier and faster than ever before.

Our latest integration lets you share vacancies on your Shazamme website (as well as on thousands of job boards and social media channels). At the touch of a button, you’ll be attracting new talent.

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Why idibu and Shazamme?

  • Shazamme has all the tech you need to put your recruitment marketing strategy into fully trackable practice. And fast. Really fast.
  • Building a website? There’s no need to faff around writing code. You can get things done as – ahem – clickly as possible by using purpose-built widgets.
  • And Shazamme’s excellent customer support makes it a business after our own heart. Its five-star reviews tell you all you need to know.
  • Worried about a lock-in contract? Don’t be. Because there isn’t one.
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Made-to-measure websites

Shazamme makes it so simple to create and customise a secure online presence. Everything’s drag-and-drop and a cinch to edit. You can fine-tune the look and function until… nearly there… one last tweak… yes!… it’s perfect.

Marketing dashboard

Manage and hone your recruitment marketing strategy to create effective campaigns. Then harvest and analyse the results of your handiwork: the data. And do it all in one easily accessible place.

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Recruitment marketplace

It’s fully stocked. The marketplace has all the apps and integrations that a successful recruitment business could ever need. Including chat, content creation and distribution. Fill your boots with the products, tools and services that will get the best job done for you.


It’s a big old web out there. And you need to be found by applicants. So make sure that, in your particular haystack, you’re the biggest needle you can be. Shazamme can help with that. It’ll optimise your job board and postings for search engines.

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It’s all here

Shazamme isn’t just one of a number of stepping stones toward creating, posting and evaluating an effective multi-platform campaign. Because this is it: your one-stop recruitment marketing shop.

Our Shazamme integration combines recruitment marketing with candidate attraction. We streamline your communication channels to provide the sort of hassle-free experience that applicants really appreciate.

Having everything together helps you to assess how well your recruitment process is working, and then to refine and improve it. It’ll simplify life for you, for your team and, of course, for your job applicants.

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