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Qualify candidates faster with Application Pages

Do you find you get a high number of unsuitable applicants? Candidates of the wrong experience level, location, or fit?

Despite their best efforts, we still see companies spending unnecessary time filtering candidates and continuously having to cleanse their database.

And that’s why we created Application Pages, for:

  •       Quality over quantity
  •       Increased web traffic generation
  •       Boosted efficiency

Asking key qualifying questions at the point of application provides you with even more information to quickly qualify candidates.


Why use application pages?


Fully brandable 

Include a company overview, video and add custom styles to your page to encourage job seekers to apply. 


Drive traffic

Increase traffic to your site by directing applicants to your careers page! Benefit from JAVA tracking and Google Analytics for better MI.


Advanced filtering

Reduce time filtering and ensure only the most suitable candidates get into your CRM.


Enhanced brand visibility

By fully branding your application page and redirecting candidates to your company's careers page, you’ll reinforce your company's brand and increase its visibility.


Improved efficiency

Through asking killer questions, you’ll receive more information to qualify candidates quickly and efficiently. Plus, save time with the advanced filtering feature which reduces the number of unsuitable candidates.


Data in one place

Answers from your additional qualifying questions are auto-added to the candidate's profile in idibu, then forwarded to your CRM as a note. Rest assured all important info is readily available and well-organised.

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