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Martyn Holme, Managing Director at AMB Recruitment Group, is relatively new to idibu, but has been so pleased, he’s already recommended it. Here, he explains how it’s helped him improve efficiency across his business.

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The Challenge

Fast-paced recruitment company, AMB, was frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to post vacancies. Daily, all recruitment consultants were having to log in to the company website, and numerous job boards, to advertise roles. 

But with ambitious growth plans, MD, Martyn, needed a solution that would help win back time to concentrate on filling jobs and finding new business.


  • Following a few demos with different providers, AMB Recruitment decided that idibu was the platform for them. 
  • Martyn told us “We liked the way the communication was there from the start with idibu. The software also seemed really easy to use and the pricing was good.”
  • He went on to describe the set-up process as ‘really quick and simple.’ “We got the pricing sorted and contract agreed within a few days. The integration with our CRM happened really fast and we were good to go in no time.”
  • Even better for AMB Recruitment Group, they had absolutely no issues with set-up and despite the account team being ready to help, no support was needed during the integration.

The benefits

But the positive experience didn’t stop there for Martyn and AMB. Far beyond the initial set-up, the company has continued to see great results with idibu. 

Time saved has been the biggest benefit, according to Martyn. “It’s made a huge difference to our efficiency. We’ve saved loads of time by doing just one task, instead of five. We’ve definitely saved time and increased revenue.”

Consultants are now able to work on business development, account management and resourcing in place of spending hours on job boards. 

The best bits

Martyn says the overarching benefit of idibu is convenience. The product and customer service has saved AMB Recruitment Group a lot of valuable time and energy. As a result, the business has increased efficiency and revenue.

The proof

When asked if Martyn would recommend idibu, he explained “I already have! Another friend in recruitment had similar problems to us. Job boards were taking up a lot of time; sometimes he’d realise he’d missed a job board off and have to go back online and repeat the process all over again. I explained that with idibu, it’s all done in one click. 

Customer service is everything in a fast-paced industry like ours – ididu has been spot on. Combine that with time saved and increased revenue and we’ve absolutely no complaints!”

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